There are five feature behaviors towards low achievers mentioned by Kauffman.


when we want to be a good teacher these are several aspect that we need to focus more often.  every studentd have their own abilities and we as a teacher need to ask ourselves ” do they manage to understand in what I teach them today?”.. teacher can not just pretending that they will understand the lesson only in one lesson… some of them need reward to motivate them in learning and some of them need more teacher attentiom toward them.. in conclusion, as a teacher, these step can lead us to the right path.Image


Reflction 11-( 1 MALAYSIA)


this is my second reflection on individual topic. I would like to share information and also knowledge about 1 Malaysia. First we need to know the concept of 1 Malaysia.

The verse that says: “We stood up, think and act as a nation of Malaysia. One People “demanded the people of various races and religions to think beyond their ethnic boundaries. They also seek to produce action beyond the walls of racial and ethnic interests.

Hence, the Malays, for example, be asked not only to think within the scope of their nations. They were also asked to not only restrict their actions to matters of importance to them immediately. So did the other races, they claimed to do the same.

While the line “and we take actions based on the needs of all ethnic groups in our country” more focused and concerned with the leadership.It means that the country’s leadership will serve and meet the needs and rights of all races and ethnic groups in Malaysia.

What are the goal?

1 Malaysia’ aims to maintain and enhance the unity in diversity which has always been the strength of Malaysia and its people, and this advantage will be maintained as our best hope for any challenge.

‘1 Malaysia’ will also establish a government that prioritizes the achievement of the priority axis is reflected when people like the slogan YAB Dato’ Sri Najib Tun Razak called ‘Rakyat Didahukan, Pencapain Diutamakan’.

I think i still remember how excited ayie when he present this topic with prasna.. I think they understand it and want to share it with their friends. Image

Reflection on SAALE MODEL


I choose to make reflection on this topic because I think this topic is very useful for us as future teacher.. this not about reading for score A in exam but also reanding and understand it for our knowledge and use it when we become a real teacher…




sometimes we as  teacher did not realize  the important of SAALE MODEL in teaching and leaning… there are a lot of difference between knowing the problem but lack of knowledge to solve it and also knowing the problem but pretend to did know how to solve it…..

Therefore I believe that we need to change our attitude towards better  education improvement. I read this jurnal and I find that it is interesting for  me to understand more about this topic..




Watching this movies requires us to look for further information because we need to know what is autism and  what is common sign of autism because some parents still lack of knowledge about it and they did not know what to do if the have children suffered with autism.

Here is a bit of information that I can share..

What is Autism?

Autism spectrum disorder (ASD) is a range of complex neurodevelopment disorders, characterized by social impairments, communication difficulties, and restricted, repetitive, and stereotyped patterns of behavior.  Autistic disorder, sometimes called autism or classical ASD, is the most severe form of ASD, while other conditions along the spectrum include a milder form known as Asperger syndrome, and childhood disintegrative disorder and pervasive developmental disorder not otherwise specified (usually referred to as PDD-NOS).  Although ASD varies significantly in character and severity, it occurs in all ethnic and socioeconomic groups and affects every age group.  Experts estimate that 1 out of 88 children age 8 will have an ASD (Centers for Disease Control and Prevention: Morbidity and Mortality Weekly Report, March 30, 2012).  Males are four times more likely to have an ASD than females…

What is Common sigh?

hildren with an ASD may fail to respond to their names and often avoid eye contact with other people.  They have difficulty interpreting what others are thinking or feeling because they can’t understand social cues, such as tone of voice or facial expressions, and don’t watch other people’s faces for clues about appropriate behavior.  They lack empathy.

Many children with an ASD engage in repetitive movements such as rocking and twirling, or in self-abusive behavior such as biting or head-banging.  They also tend to start speaking later than other children and may refer to themselves by name instead of “I” or “me.”  Children with an ASD don’t know how to play interactively with other children.  Some speak in a sing-song voice about a narrow range of favorite topics, with little regard for the interests of the person to whom they are speaking.

Children with characteristics of an ASD may have co-occurring conditions, including Fragile X syndrome (which causes mental retardation), tuberous sclerosis, epileptic seizures, Tourette syndrome, learning disabilities, and attention deficit disorder.  About 20 to 30 percent of children with an ASD develop epilepsy by the time they reach adulthood. .


After we have basic knowledge about it then it is more meaningful for us when we watch the movies once again.  the most important is teacher should know the sigh of autism because it can help them in their learning.. students suffered with autism can not learn with normal classroom therefore they need intensive teaching to help them.Image



I am sorry because I cannot give a clear view on what happen or the real situation on the presentation day because I need to go back. How ever I would like to share on my experience during the process of completing the task. Well, after I made disccusion with my group member, we decide to produce the video with full of motivation and good message. Therefore, Syikin in charge on making the video because me and Syafika did not have good skills on this.. We gathered all the material and give to it to Syikin and I believe she really did good job.

Before I left, I already checked everything… Syafika complete her task by making the powerpoint slides and she asked my opinion on it and we make several changes..Syikin gaves me three posters for me to choose and asked my opinion on it. I also told Syikin to present because I believe she can give full explanation after I taught her what she need to explain and how to explain it using the powerpoint that Syafika did…

After I came back, I asked Farahafizah,Shahira and Fatin Nur Syahira about my group presentation and they said that they enjoy with it.. I did not asked my group member directly because I afraid that they might feel scared on my because I always asked the the work progress every week..

well.. it is not because I am dictator, It is because it is our responsibility…This is what we did..






I am really sorry because I did not update my blog about what happen in class… I want to discuss about the topic that given to me which is very important for us as future teacher. When I got the topic, I think this topic is very hard for me because it is about an Act and I can not simply made any modification about that. How ever, when I read it is text book and also some other reference it is more toward teacher responsibility toward disabilities student. These are 6 faces of inclusions.

  1.  Social Skill
  2. Emotion
  3. Behavioural
  4. Physical
  5. Academic
  6. Assessment

To make us easy to remember this faces, we just need to imagine that we are the teacher and what we need to do if half of class are the students with different level of ability and how we are going to teach them.. Therefore SAALE model introduces some approaches that teacher can use it in classroom.





New Doc 4


Tonight I manage to finish my mind map about At Risk Youth Program….well for further infomation you just need to wait for our presentation…for my group members.. dont worry.. I will give this mind map to all of you tomorrow ek…thank you for your operation …..(for giving me a lot of material).. But I need more clarification on our second topic..I still can not digest it even  I read it about more than 4 times….I hope Dr Rosseni will explain to me…..




If you want to see my mind map heheh click -on new doc 4-….