WEEK 5: My Introduction….




Thank you for those who are willing to share the ideas about this course with me. I am really sorry because the reflection for week 4 is not really answer the question given by Dr ROSSENI. I did not have a chance to write it in long paragraph with the correct answer because it was already 12 o`clock and some of us are starving. therefore, I think I need to answer the question and share the ideas with all my beloved friends…..so this is the question:

the real task for Week 4. Based on the resources available particularly the Web 2.0 applications such as the WordPress mobile blogs and the Video Production Facebook Group, write a detail reflection of (i) your thoughts on how the availability of web 2.0 applications (WordPress, FB Group, etc.) in this course have helped you overcome your problem or increase your confidence, presentation and communication skill or help you becomes more critical and creative in solving problems to complete the given tasks.

In my opinion, this application is really useful for me as a student and also as a future teacher. Let me share about what happen in my school during my pra practicum…. all the form 5 and also form 3 students have their net book given by the Terengganu Government for free and the school give them free WiFi…they download all kinds of video using youtube and nit even one relate to education. What happen to the teacher??? They bring mahjong’s papers ans sometimes photostate paper as their set inductions. They take about half an hour by drawing and making chart in the paper….I just saw it myself and also help her to do it…so pity…but what actually happen when the used it in class???

in my conclusion, teacher now days need to use this application to make sure that they are one step ahead than their students. mastering this application will help me to be a creative teacher who can attract their students and make sure my students love the way I am teaching them…..so when can I learn that?????

But I believes that my friends will help me...is`nt it?

Reflection week 4


Today Dr Rosseni is not with us so we were assisted by kind hearted advisor who really treat and answer all the question given by us.
First of all we learned about the photography session and how to catch the great moment of the view. Honestly I did not how to operate the camera very well. My sister always worried if I touched her camera and my husband also kept his camera nicely and even he want to hide it from me. After I listened to this session I think I really need to learn about handling the camera and also learn how to take a nice and beautiful shot.

The next class is about how to Post our video in our blog. Eventhough I already learned it Fatin Nur Syahirah I really appreciated the effort from En Helmi who really help me in term of giving full explanation on this topic. I realize that this topic is really important to me when I become a teacher. Some students easy to get bored in their learning session and teacher need to be as creative as they can to make sure their students interested in their lesson.

I felt a little bit burden for me because last year in computer education I really did not learn a lot of thing which i think Can help me more now.

Reflection Week 3 : Yes..finally..

thanks to all the team members and also our beloved lecture and also the advisor

Safwan knows how to make heart shape using the clay!!! why we as a girl can not do it as he did???


Al Hamdulillah…teamwork..

Thank you my team members….love you: Farah,fatin,Shira and Safwan..

Reflection Week 2 : Still In learning Progress


I still learn how to make my blog attractive and also interesting. I need some advice from my friend and I really need them to help me in order to make sure that I really follow the Performa. Last week, we presented our idea on our creative video by using some interesting materials. I appreciate all the guidance given by Mr. Helmi as our guide for making our presentation successful.I also promised to upload the pictures that were taken during our work in making our own storyboard. I still failed to get the picture from my team members but still I hope that I can learn how to upload pictures into my blogs at least by this week.