Before we start our holiday, my team went to the Alamanda Shooping Complex. We went there without even have a log discussion..what we want at that moment is how to produce good pictures to make our video interesting and looks great.And for me it was a little bit disappointed moment because I did not noticed that I left my wallet at my room….when we arrived we start to discuss the interesting place and spots that we want to go….We took a lot of pictures spontaneously..even though it was a very hot day, all the team members look very active and even behave like hyperactive children….this is my Favorite pictures…

I hope I can share more pictures here but we want to make it surprise!!!!

Our last class before break…..
we learned about the audio..sound very interesting but very very very very complicated…En Helmi really did his job by showing how we can make our video more interesting by editing the sound…..I can not explained more about it because I also still in learning process..

so..this is what we learned..

thank you En Helmi….


WEEK 6 : waiting for our turn


Today I have a wonderful experiences with all my classmate. We shoot our video about we learn in this course and thanks a lot to our beloved lecturer Dr Rossseni and her great team members. It also a day for me to express my feeling….i don’t know what happen to me…but I feel soooo relieved after the the shooting…now, I realized that I can be as good as them(my team members) with THEIR HELP…..

waiting for our turn

beautiful experiences with all of you today