New Doc 4


Tonight I manage to finish my mind map about At Risk Youth Program….well for further infomation you just need to wait for our presentation…for my group members.. dont worry.. I will give this mind map to all of you tomorrow ek…thank you for your operation …..(for giving me a lot of material).. But I need more clarification on our second topic..I still can not digest it even  I read it about more than 4 times….I hope Dr Rosseni will explain to me…..




If you want to see my mind map heheh click -on new doc 4-….


Down syndrome





After I watched this movie I felt sorry for myself and really regret on what I did before… Well after get married about 5 years and still have no child, I made decision to see specialist.. I still remember what the doctor asked me why I wanted to do the treatment..I told the doctor that I have two cousins who suffered with down syndrome.. this is because my aunt get pregnant in the age of 30+…..I see how both of them struggle to make sure their daughter get what other kids get..All of them having problem in speaking…one of them able to start his school same with other normal kid because my uncle and aunt are teacher and they teach him very hard. They even bought a lot of pictures book,flash card especially from Grolier …they teach him by using computer and one of my relatives is a doctor and they always exchange their opinion about teaching down syndrown kid…I can see clearly now about the method using in this movie compare with my aunt method…The method is same but maybe the different is about the application on the method.

This movies give a huge impact for me because it realise that, having kids with down syndrown is not burden but it is blessed from our god…each word from the parents in this movie have really deep meaning and it really touched my heart….

Who Am I?



well..last week I answered the questionaire given by Dr Rosseni.. It is about self evaluation….For me…yessss I am 100% agree about the result… to be a teacher especially in private sector is not easy..we need to talk and talk and talk to convince people… Almost everyday parents came and asked about our kindergarden.. we need to convince them because the fees is very expensive. some of them even derogatory us….i think because of this experiance make me as intrapersonal people…..

I remember when Dr asked me about finding the place.. hmmm let me share with you

( forgive me en shafiee) … this story happened 6 years ago.. “majlis hantar menantu” was held at my sister in law because my late mother in law live there…I did not drive car and that the first time I went there (I met my husband for only 2 month before I married him)..at night my husband brought me back to our house… he droves me and i just slept because it is not funny when people kept asking me to wash the dishes..next day…I drove back to my home to pack my clothes and it was at night…. my mother asked me.. “ingat ke lorong nak masuk rumah awak tu, jgn smpai sesat dlm ladang kelapa sawit plak’?….i just drove back and found out that there is no oil palm plantation…oh my god!!! it was very dark and not even have street lamp….i stop the car and searched for my hp and called my husband…when i told him i lost he just laugh at me.he came and picked me after 20 minutes..next morning he asked me…”nak tau ke kat mana awak sesat smlm’?…well…i said….very far far far far away from our house kan…then he brings me there…I nearly want to jump into the canal when he pointed to me….tu haaaaa kat situ je….tau tak rumah kita kat mana? tu haaaaa kat blkg tu lepas pokok kelapa sawit…..jauh laaa sgt kannnn….? the oil palm plantation konon…pokok kelapa 20 batang je kira ladang ke?..I can see my house from there.. i asked him..why you need 20 minutes to come and take me last night? he said…well…saje je….hmmm luckily you are my husband..if not……………

thats wht I agree with my answer….DR Rosseni prove that..I am used for the term of lost girl…hahahah

Temple Gradin



Sorry for the delay… I just have my lappy back and unfortunately hehehe I went back home again last week…But before L went back home I watched the Temple Gradin movie…and this is my reflection…

 Grandin advocates early intervention to address autism, and supportive teachers who can direct fixations of the child with autism in fruitful directions. She has described her hypersensitivity to noise and other sensory stimuli. She claims she is a primarily visual thinker and has said that words are her second language. Temple attributes her success as a humane livestock facility designer to her ability to recall detail, which is a characteristic of her visual memory. Grandin compares her memory to full-length movies in her head, that can be replayed at will, allowing her to notice small details. She is also able to view her memories using slightly different contexts by changing the positions of the lighting and shadows. Her insight into the minds of cattle has taught her to value the changes in details to which animals are particularly sensitive, and to use her visualization skills to design thoughtful and humane animal-handling equipment.



1.A sincere teachers in educating students will not think about the problems faced by students but focus on finding solutions to ensure the success of students.

2.Let’s not ignore the special children because we do not know that sometimes Allah sent them to us as challenger  and who knows that  she will the one who gives us light in the future.