I am really sorry because I did not update my blog about what happen in class… I want to discuss about the topic that given to me which is very important for us as future teacher. When I got the topic, I think this topic is very hard for me because it is about an Act and I can not simply made any modification about that. How ever, when I read it is text book and also some other reference it is more toward teacher responsibility toward disabilities student. These are 6 faces of inclusions.

  1.  Social Skill
  2. Emotion
  3. Behavioural
  4. Physical
  5. Academic
  6. Assessment

To make us easy to remember this faces, we just need to imagine that we are the teacher and what we need to do if half of class are the students with different level of ability and how we are going to teach them.. Therefore SAALE model introduces some approaches that teacher can use it in classroom.