I am sorry because I cannot give a clear view on what happen or the real situation on the presentation day because I need to go back. How ever I would like to share on my experience during the process of completing the task. Well, after I made disccusion with my group member, we decide to produce the video with full of motivation and good message. Therefore, Syikin in charge on making the video because me and Syafika did not have good skills on this.. We gathered all the material and give to it to Syikin and I believe she really did good job.

Before I left, I already checked everything… Syafika complete her task by making the powerpoint slides and she asked my opinion on it and we make several changes..Syikin gaves me three posters for me to choose and asked my opinion on it. I also told Syikin to present because I believe she can give full explanation after I taught her what she need to explain and how to explain it using the powerpoint that Syafika did…

After I came back, I asked Farahafizah,Shahira and Fatin Nur Syahira about my group presentation and they said that they enjoy with it.. I did not asked my group member directly because I afraid that they might feel scared on my because I always asked the the work progress every week..

well.. it is not because I am dictator, It is because it is our responsibility…This is what we did..





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