Reflction 11-( 1 MALAYSIA)


this is my second reflection on individual topic. I would like to share information and also knowledge about 1 Malaysia. First we need to know the concept of 1 Malaysia.

The verse that says: “We stood up, think and act as a nation of Malaysia. One People “demanded the people of various races and religions to think beyond their ethnic boundaries. They also seek to produce action beyond the walls of racial and ethnic interests.

Hence, the Malays, for example, be asked not only to think within the scope of their nations. They were also asked to not only restrict their actions to matters of importance to them immediately. So did the other races, they claimed to do the same.

While the line “and we take actions based on the needs of all ethnic groups in our country” more focused and concerned with the leadership.It means that the country’s leadership will serve and meet the needs and rights of all races and ethnic groups in Malaysia.

What are the goal?

1 Malaysia’ aims to maintain and enhance the unity in diversity which has always been the strength of Malaysia and its people, and this advantage will be maintained as our best hope for any challenge.

‘1 Malaysia’ will also establish a government that prioritizes the achievement of the priority axis is reflected when people like the slogan YAB Dato’ Sri Najib Tun Razak called ‘Rakyat Didahukan, Pencapain Diutamakan’.

I think i still remember how excited ayie when he present this topic with prasna.. I think they understand it and want to share it with their friends. Image


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